Friday, July 31, 2009

Hannah Flies out - PDX

There she goes! off on her big adventure. We waited at the airport for a few hours and then finally we just had to say goodbye. It was teary and sad - but at the same time we were very happy and excited for her. Who wouldn'd be? This is an adventure of a lifetime.

It finally became real yesterday. I know we have been involved with the Rotary for almost 8 months now, but it never is really real until the final "Good Bye" I am so happy, envious, anxious, and overjoyed for my lovely daughter!

She will meet so many new people, eat different foods, wear different clothes and take all new classes in school. Ha Ha - school starts on August 6th for her. Her little brother, Tolga, said he would help her in school. Lets just hope the 3 months she is with this family goes well and they do not tire of each other.

Maybey the is why they only stay 3 months - so that they don't all get sick of each other..... hmm will have to test the theory. Anyhoo - good luck my lovely Hannah and I will hear from you in a few months.
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  1. What an exciting time for all of you as you send your sweet Hannah girl, on her great adventure, to another part of this world.

    With her winning personality and genuine love for others, she will have the time of her life, on her travels, as she meets many new people along the way.

    The photos, at the airport, are just wonderful to see our sweet Princess Hannah as she prepares to leave on this great adventure. We were all there "in spirit" as she boarded her plane. We all know she has a little "Angel" on her shoulder who will watch over assured of that. She is a special young lady!
    Mom XXOO