Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Tired! - But my little Algae friend is on the way...

Detox is such a pain - sometimes literally. I know this mild headache is a result of the crap I have been eating - detoxing brings out all the stuff stored in our bodies and flushes it away. So, I am tired - a result of my body getting used to the new and improved food. Eating no salt (or very little) is harder then cutting out the sugar!
Last night I was very excited about eating the dinner that took me half an hour to prepare. I made turkey penne pasta.

The recipe?
1/2 cup of whole wheat penne pasta
3 0z. ground turkey breast - browned
1/4 cup broccoli - cut up
2 Crimini mushrooms - sliced
2 Tbls of Olive Oil - for saute' and meat
1 Tbls of Italian Cheese blend - shredded

So, I put the pasta on to boil and while it was steaming up my kitchen I saute'd the mushrooms (set them on a plate), then browned the meat - adding it to the mushroom plate, then saute'd the broccoli. All the while the pasta was going to town.
I then mixed the 'srhooms with the brocoli and turkey to flavor them - oh yeah I put Mrs. Dash, original, on the meat to season it - no calories! - and cooked them a bit to blend them.
drained the past - coated with a about 1/2 Tbls of garlic olive oil - added the turkey blend and sprinkled with a bit of the cheese.

I was so excited to eat it I could hardly wait~ this is for one portion. It was really, really good. Rally. Check out the recipes at Prevention's website - even if you don't go on the diet they have some really good recipes.

It was a good meal and am looking forward to salmon for Saturday!

algae info - but let me know if you want to order and I'll hook you up!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vegan burgers - something wrong with Vegans!

Okay, so I can eat Veggie burgers, Tofu, leave out salt, sugar and soda. But VEGAN burgers su-uu--uuckkk! I don't know what is wrong with those people who made that - but it was not tasty. I had a portobella mushroom veggie burger Sunday (and I am NOT mad about shrooms) but it was really good - has a slice of reduced fat swiss cheese though. Even the over-grilled burger Chad made for me the other night was okay. Note: do not grill for very long unless you want shoe-leather.
So tonight I got to eat steamed carrots, roasted potatoes, and - very specifically - veggie VEGAN burger. Boca Burger here I come..... ick. It was okay if I ate it with the potatoes or carrots but yuck yuck yuck.
Made it through day 3 of this new way of eating and don't feel too bad. Still have a mild detox headache but anxious to see a positive weight loss. Walked for 20 minutes on my lunch break today also.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Gotta Make a Necklace for Hannah

So Hannah is having a hard time missing Michael. She wanted to have this necklace that he wore all the time. It was white shells - like you would get in Hawaii. Well, I don't think chad is going to let this pass on to her (she requested it) so I figured I'd make a version for her. I found some initial beads and am going to make her a necklace like his but add the initials for her.

It is so tough on us all - but with her being so far away makes it - very sad. So, I will make this up for her and post a picture when it is done. Maybe I will convince her to take a photo of it on her and post it later.

Happy Beading!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flat Belly Diet - Does it work?

Well, I started the Sassy water on Friday (you can find it at the link) and also printed a bunch of recipes off from the site. I ate mostly from the diet plan yesterday and since Friday have lost 2.5 lbs. Now I am also doing the WII Fit and having a blast. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get in shape but does not want to run to a gym or is just plain lazy enough not to get out and MOVE!
I have cut out salt for now - figure the food will begin to regain it's taste on my pallet soon enough. Going shopping today for my meals this week.
My poor kids will have to eat the new foods I am going to be making for them. Denver will be okay, mostly but Cody, poor baby will have to eat fish and veggies. He is not happy. Maybe when they get home cooked meals again they won't mind so much.
Which reminds me, I gotta clean off the dining room table from all of Hannahs stuff......(random thought)

So I give the Flat Belly Diet and the WII Fit both a thumbs up!