Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 9 - musings and ponderings today

Oct 11

206.2 - finally broke down yesterday and got my own scales. Fred Meyer's had a sale and I got them for $14.99. They are so cool - they keep track of my weight and tell me the next day if I go up or down and how much, too!
I decided to still weigh on Hannah's since I had been for a while now - I weighed 206.5. So, Technically - no loss. Maybe I didn't drink enough H2O. I don't really know. The fish weighed 104 grams - maybe it was that - or the strawberries?

Going to have coffee with Alyson this morning and then head down to an interview for a temp agency. Did I mention that I lost my job?

7:00 - drops then coffee w/ stevia
12:00 drops - lunch I had steak W/ fresh tomatoes, strawberries & 1 melba
2:13 had some tea w/ stevia
6:00 - drops and dinner - salad with halibut, lemon, melba, tea. Not the best. miss salad dressing. Won't have this one again!

Kinda hungry today but not ravenous. A good sign, right?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 8 - strart of week 2.

Oct 10th

Stayed at Chad's last night so weighed in on his scales. was very excited to see it read 204.5 lbs. Then we went out to hot tub and soaked and talked about stuff for about 30 minutes. When I went in to shower I thought... "I wonder if I sweated off any weight" so I reweighed..... Viola' - I now weighed 204! Yay for hot tubs!!!

Was able to go until 11:30 this morning until I needed to eat my apple & melba snack.

Now you might think this is silly - but remember, it IS Sunday. I forgot to write down what I ate for lunch. I know - must have been very relaxed and just spaced it.

However, I had a strawberry & stevia snack at 6:00 and then for dinner I had fish with asparagus and 1 melba snack.

For whatever crazy reason that escapes in in retrospect I ate an additional melba snack at 9:30 then went to bed.

Day 7 - woo hoo! 1 week down

Oct 9th

got on Hannah's scales this morning and weighed 208! loss of 1 amazing lovely pound. Today I feel not so hungry after I wake up. So I have my coffee with stevia and go about my day.

Lunch I had a patty and cucumber - rerun of yesterday. Nope, not so creative yet with the menu.
snack I had my apple and melba.

I treated myself for dinner and had Halibut (previously frozen) with onions & garlic. Had a shot of whiskey with my meal as I read that this did not inhibit the weight loss. Well, naturally I had to try this out.

Today was Saturday - so just a mellow low key day. Not much to report

Day 6

Oct 8th

weight: 207 on Chad's scales & 209 on Hannah's

Had my drops at 7:30 and then made coffee. While I don't typically drink coffee on a daily basis, I find that now I need to as it is at least a little something in my tummy.

Found the need to eat my apple at 10:30, just can't seem to go until lunch.

I have set alarms in my phone to go off when I need to take my drops and then I will eat (the lunch & dinner) my meals 30 minutes later. Well, that's the plan anyway.

12:30 - drops and for lunch? hamburger on my bbq grill with cucumber and a little salt.

Ugh, so tired this day. took a nap from 4:00 - 6:30. Must be detoxing as I find I am just lethargic.

Had another patty for dinner. Since I had the hamburger meat figured might as well eat it all, right? Sliced tomatoes and has my melba snack. After dinner I ate my apple..... oops, forgot my drops. Took them at 9:30 and then went to bed.

So goes another day....