Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hannah's New Home

A few snapshots she took of her new house. She has her own room that looks like it is in the attic - kinda. See the slanted wall? At least it is a finished room!

A very pretty kitchen. Love the color of the walls. I think the white cabinets make it very airy and open looking. Fun to see what is on the table and counters.

A quick pic of the yummy living room. Again with the white accenting the colored walls. I love the warm inviting melon color of the front room. The curtains are also lovely. She has a nice place to stay. Don't notice carpet on the floors, but do see a pretty area rug...

Looking out at the backyard you can see it is not large, but very nice and green. They white unit on the left of the picture is an outdoor grill. Nalan gardens, but I have not see it yet. Maybe Hannah will put up some pics of this soon.
She starts school tomorrow!
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