Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 5 - start with a Hot Tub if you can

Oct: 7th:

Went to BF's house for a Hot Tub - nice to enjoy my coffee and steam at the same time. Had to bring my own sweetener. I am becoming high maintenance. Something I never considered my self to be before. After the steamy soak weighed myself on his scales (no he is not a dragon) and they screamed 208.5!! Say what? Okay, I'm not good at math but even that ones get's my attention. 213 - 208.5........
Well, not to get so overly excited, I go home and weighed in on the pink scales - 210.5. Okay, I know, a little more realistic. Now they tell me in stern but encouraging tones... 210.5. Pouting, I accept this as the more realistic weight, as I have really been weighing myself on them for the last few days. Still, the 208.5 is rather tempting to keep as the pounds of the day.

So, I ate an apple and melba at 11:00 (notice it is getting later in the morning?) I might also add here a self admission: I don't really like food. I it is annoying to have to stop what I am doing and make meals. Geesh, If I could take a pill to replace the meal it would save SO much time.

For lunch I went out on a limb and BBQ'd a patty (so small) with steamed asparagus. Yep. That's it since I already ate my fruit and melba.

Dinner: poached fish (really, I do have a better imagination than this normally) romaine salad, Apple, melba. Yeah, still hungry. Went to bed irritated at my grumbling tummy......

Day 4 - rough time to be had

Oct 6th:
Ugh! 8:00 am alarm, not so kindly reminding me to take my drops. Liquid fat reduction in a bottle. One that I will come to love, don't get me wrong. It is just rude to awaken to an alarm telling you to take your fat loss drops.

stagger to the bathroom, morning bladder ritual. trudge down the hall to Hannah's bathroom and weigh my corpulent self. Wow, a whole pound & a half!? Really... The shiny little light says 213 lbs. Although I am not certain I really didn't just starve it away. It sure felt like it. Still, I will take what I can get.

Off to take my drops, make coffee ( did I mention I LOVE my french press {not that it is French, mind you} I got for a xmas gift 2 years ago) with Stevia & my Tbls milk. I might say it here, I don't drink milk as a general rule. We humans are the only mammals that drink milk after infancy. To me it tastes like skin... don't ask, it just does. Adding Ovaltine helps, or molasses... oh stop. Now I want milk. Anyway, I drink it like I was worshiping a new Goddess!

10:00 am. I am hungry. I text my diet buddy and ask a few important questions. Gee, think the important ones should have been asked BEFORE I started the diet. Confirmed that I did not eat enough the first 2 days. Need I say it again? EAT EAT EAT!

Okay, I give in and have my apple. Still wonder where I might find the bread sticks that they suggest... Whole Paycheck, Trader Joes?

1:00 - lunch is a poached Orange Roughy (really imaginative aren't I?) steamed asparagus the rest of my apple ( didn't eat it all, just enough to cut the hunger pains - not suggested btw) and the melba.

Don't know what I ate for dinner since I was so hungry I guess I forgot to take notes. Either that or I ate my pen and paper. Hmmm. a likely possibility considering my thoughts at the time. Sigh. Next day....

Day 3 of drops - Day 1 of the 500 calorie meal plan

Oct 5th:
Took the drops (10 drops under the tongue) then ran Hannah to school. Came home and showered and trudged over to her bathroom to weigh myself. Yeah, still did not think enough of myself to purchase my OWN scales. I had not done so, perhaps, so that I did not have to look at the stinky things and remind myself of all the weight I had accumulated over the last 6 years.

Hop on and..... 214.5! Yikes - It just can't be, but I console myself with one calming thought.... Chad's scales weigh 2 lbs less. Those MUST be more accurate. Alas, I am going with Hannah's though since I have access to hers every day. *Note: Chad is my BF, not the diet initiator

I could not take the non eating anymore and had an apple at 9:00 am along with 1 melba toast (btw - it is the size of a 50 cent piece), Coffee with 1 Tbsp milk and I am still STARVING!!! ARG!!! Why is life so cruel. Oh, wait, this is self inflicted.

12:00 - Lunch is comprised of 100 (precooked) grams of Orange Roughy, poached; celery, tea...and well, that's it. Ate it all up and still hungry! Oops, forgot drops - took them at 1:00

Between 2 - 4 today I am sickeningly hungry. Now I am getting angry AND I am running to the bathroom all the time. I am drinking lots of H2O though.

4:15 coffee with stevia - this is a desperate attempt to convince my stomach it is not hungry - see I don't typically drink coffee at any other time then breakfast. But since I can drink it with abandon, here I go!

5:30 is dinner. Beef & steamed spinach. Yech! (spinach) Cooked the beef on the Forman Grill. I seasoned it, the meat, it was a little tough but otherwise ok. Hey, it filled a void. Had my Melba and an apple. Added a cup of tea and one more big H2O.

Can you say HUNGRY!!!! So ends 500 calorie day one.

*BIG NOTE HERE:If you start this diet - eat, gorge, stuff your face, be a little piggy - for the first 2 days. Really - it makes a difference. Eat all kinds of fattening foods, donuts, cake, pie, chips, pizza, well you get my point.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Starting the eating phase

Oct 3rd & 4th:
Okay - So it dawned on me that I needed to take the drops while I was eating a lot of food. I had eaten big meals Friday and Saturday and by Sunday thought - oh crap! I need to be taking the drops too. I called my friend and he confirmed that "yes, take the drops during day 1 & 2 of the eat fest"
Bummer, So I was 2 days down and had to start again. Took my first drops at 11:30 am on Sunday. I ate food - but I realized later I did not "overeat"
So goes days 1-2. I did end up eating a pepperoni pizza with pesto sauce. Yum. Okay, here is the nasty part - I started out at 212.5 (or 214.5 on my daughter's scales). ***Note: buy your OWN scales right from the beginning to keep an accurate measurement. Either way you look at it, this weight is yucky. I literally almost weight twice what I did when I was 20. I am twice the age and twiceish as big. Maybe I am really bigger than life.
No excuse except I have grown lazy and don't eat. You CAN gain weight from even poor eating habits such as NOT eating. I usually don't like food, so I don't eat until I am starving. Bad idea for someone with low blood sugar, eh?
I am finding a need to explore this self-torture with not allowing myself food - but that is for another story. Suffice it to say, I did NOT eat enough food - like that of a normal eater. So, day 3 of my reduction diet dawned early, and I was hungry!
Interested, well, follow tomorrows recap......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New HCG Diet - Amazing

So I hear about this great new diet where you can loose the unwanted "bad" fat. I find out my friend's brother and sister- in-law lost a bunch (not to be disclosed due to privacy breach) of weight and so did my friend.

I asked for the diet instructions and it was sent to me along with a pdf book and a cookbook. Yum!! I love cookbooks. So, after reading a bit it the book (on my Kindle, no less! shameless plug for the ereader) I decided to go full steam ahead and do the diet.

Now, I am not usually one to fall to fad diets, but having a close friend experience this with success makes me take notice. I grilled him over the phone about the food, exercise (don't need to do any), and the drops.

I ordered the product and proceeded to embark on an eating fest for 2 days. I guess I don't know what is means to "gorge" on food, because I thought I did. You will find out on day 3 as you go on the true lean meal plan - if you ate enough on day 1 & 2. I did not. I felt like I was starving and was very angry about it.

If you decide to do this, after reading my progress reports I cannot stress enough to you....EAT! EAT! EAT!

I will add my first few days of this experience tomorrow. Tonight, I have a date with NetFlix. (shameless plug 2 - if you sign up please tell them I recommended it - I get some kind of thank you pressie!) Going to start watching Lie to Me on my Watch it Now.