Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camping at Big Lake, Oregon

Well we got up there Friday afternoon - played hooky from work for the afternoon! It was overcast and very crowded. We were able to park by Bruce/Sheila McNaughten (Chad's neighbors) and sleep in the Tahoe. The "boys" went out for a ride that afternoon and the rest of us just chilled at camp.

Chad's brother Jessie and his two kids also were there. Sara spent time with the dogs and us girls. She went out in her grandfather's canoe. (Arnie & Judy - Chad's dad and step-mom- were there) She also went out on a ride with the group Sunday morning on the 80 dirt bike. Way to go Sara!

We took the boat out Saturday afternoon but it was still a bit chilly and only David (Jessie's boy) got in the water. He rode the knee board for so long we finally just had to make him stop. The boat was docked and all piled out to head back to camp for dinner.

We had hot dogs and a frosty beverage. My fav! A nice fire going so we all sat around and talked about stuff. It was a bit weird without my kids and Michael. Not the typical camping experience we are used to. That night a big party of people were really kickin' it up at their camp on the other side of the road from us. I was concerned I might have to ask the camp host to talk to them. Chad & I went to bed (did I say we slept in the Tahoe?) and found out how little cushion those camping mats provide. It was cold and uncomfortable - we got up around 3:00 to, uh, water the trees and then went back to bed. I finally slept then.

Saturday morning Chad spent most of his time trying to fix Jessie's quad - but was not successful. Prior to this we had scrambled eggs and pancakes. Check out the photo album for the shots of this. He and I went on a ride together later in the afternoon. It was nice to be out together. Then we came back to camp and took a ride on the boat together. Again, nice to be out alone - on a lake - alone - nobody around..... alone, did I mention that?

Night 2 brought a bigger camp fire as we wanted to burn as much of the wood as we could. Was very mellow - marshmallows came out and the kids roasted them. Alex made a comment about Michael and I was very glad it came from him. I had wanted to say something about Mike so many times but did not feel it was good timing.
Slept warmer on night 2 as i had an extra blanket, my beach towel and my sweat jacket (thanks Cody) on top of me. Slept right on til morning.

Sunday we had a quick breakfast and then I went out on a long ride with the group. A few stayed behind. We went into some pretty gnarley areas (they forget I ride a quad - not a dirt bike!. Made it back though, albeit dusty and hot.

Got back to camp in time to finish packing and cleaning while Chad and a few boys went on a short ride. I didn't get to go because Josh had to ride my quad. :-( bummer for me. Anyway, it was a fun time, nice weather and I enjoyed spending the time with Chad. So, it was a good relax.

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