Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HCG- Round 2

So I did not finish posting the daily blog from round 1 of my HCG diet because I got the brilliant idea to post a daily blog when I was over halfway through the diet. I just lost the impetus to back-blog. So, here is the short recap of the first round.

I lost 27 lbs from Oct 3 - Nov 12. I did not loose as much as I had planned because during the last couple of weeks I had to pack my house and move my belongings to a new residence. So much for "no exercise" and eating regularly. It was difficult. Still, I maintained a pretty good edit and my ending weight was 189lbs.

Today I start round 2 of the diet and my starting weight is 190.1 (Chad's scales). Started my day with coffee flavored with my new stevia I got for Christmas. So, I am going to follow the recipes in the phase 2 cookbook and tonight is going to be Lemon Chicken. Think I may make asparagus for my veggie.

Wish me luck folks, this round I want to loose 40 lbs!

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