Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 9 - musings and ponderings today

Oct 11

206.2 - finally broke down yesterday and got my own scales. Fred Meyer's had a sale and I got them for $14.99. They are so cool - they keep track of my weight and tell me the next day if I go up or down and how much, too!
I decided to still weigh on Hannah's since I had been for a while now - I weighed 206.5. So, Technically - no loss. Maybe I didn't drink enough H2O. I don't really know. The fish weighed 104 grams - maybe it was that - or the strawberries?

Going to have coffee with Alyson this morning and then head down to an interview for a temp agency. Did I mention that I lost my job?

7:00 - drops then coffee w/ stevia
12:00 drops - lunch I had steak W/ fresh tomatoes, strawberries & 1 melba
2:13 had some tea w/ stevia
6:00 - drops and dinner - salad with halibut, lemon, melba, tea. Not the best. miss salad dressing. Won't have this one again!

Kinda hungry today but not ravenous. A good sign, right?

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