Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Tired! - But my little Algae friend is on the way...

Detox is such a pain - sometimes literally. I know this mild headache is a result of the crap I have been eating - detoxing brings out all the stuff stored in our bodies and flushes it away. So, I am tired - a result of my body getting used to the new and improved food. Eating no salt (or very little) is harder then cutting out the sugar!
Last night I was very excited about eating the dinner that took me half an hour to prepare. I made turkey penne pasta.

The recipe?
1/2 cup of whole wheat penne pasta
3 0z. ground turkey breast - browned
1/4 cup broccoli - cut up
2 Crimini mushrooms - sliced
2 Tbls of Olive Oil - for saute' and meat
1 Tbls of Italian Cheese blend - shredded

So, I put the pasta on to boil and while it was steaming up my kitchen I saute'd the mushrooms (set them on a plate), then browned the meat - adding it to the mushroom plate, then saute'd the broccoli. All the while the pasta was going to town.
I then mixed the 'srhooms with the brocoli and turkey to flavor them - oh yeah I put Mrs. Dash, original, on the meat to season it - no calories! - and cooked them a bit to blend them.
drained the past - coated with a about 1/2 Tbls of garlic olive oil - added the turkey blend and sprinkled with a bit of the cheese.

I was so excited to eat it I could hardly wait~ this is for one portion. It was really, really good. Rally. Check out the recipes at Prevention's website - even if you don't go on the diet they have some really good recipes.

It was a good meal and am looking forward to salmon for Saturday!

algae info - but let me know if you want to order and I'll hook you up!

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