Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3 of drops - Day 1 of the 500 calorie meal plan

Oct 5th:
Took the drops (10 drops under the tongue) then ran Hannah to school. Came home and showered and trudged over to her bathroom to weigh myself. Yeah, still did not think enough of myself to purchase my OWN scales. I had not done so, perhaps, so that I did not have to look at the stinky things and remind myself of all the weight I had accumulated over the last 6 years.

Hop on and..... 214.5! Yikes - It just can't be, but I console myself with one calming thought.... Chad's scales weigh 2 lbs less. Those MUST be more accurate. Alas, I am going with Hannah's though since I have access to hers every day. *Note: Chad is my BF, not the diet initiator

I could not take the non eating anymore and had an apple at 9:00 am along with 1 melba toast (btw - it is the size of a 50 cent piece), Coffee with 1 Tbsp milk and I am still STARVING!!! ARG!!! Why is life so cruel. Oh, wait, this is self inflicted.

12:00 - Lunch is comprised of 100 (precooked) grams of Orange Roughy, poached; celery, tea...and well, that's it. Ate it all up and still hungry! Oops, forgot drops - took them at 1:00

Between 2 - 4 today I am sickeningly hungry. Now I am getting angry AND I am running to the bathroom all the time. I am drinking lots of H2O though.

4:15 coffee with stevia - this is a desperate attempt to convince my stomach it is not hungry - see I don't typically drink coffee at any other time then breakfast. But since I can drink it with abandon, here I go!

5:30 is dinner. Beef & steamed spinach. Yech! (spinach) Cooked the beef on the Forman Grill. I seasoned it, the meat, it was a little tough but otherwise ok. Hey, it filled a void. Had my Melba and an apple. Added a cup of tea and one more big H2O.

Can you say HUNGRY!!!! So ends 500 calorie day one.

*BIG NOTE HERE:If you start this diet - eat, gorge, stuff your face, be a little piggy - for the first 2 days. Really - it makes a difference. Eat all kinds of fattening foods, donuts, cake, pie, chips, pizza, well you get my point.

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