Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 5 - start with a Hot Tub if you can

Oct: 7th:

Went to BF's house for a Hot Tub - nice to enjoy my coffee and steam at the same time. Had to bring my own sweetener. I am becoming high maintenance. Something I never considered my self to be before. After the steamy soak weighed myself on his scales (no he is not a dragon) and they screamed 208.5!! Say what? Okay, I'm not good at math but even that ones get's my attention. 213 - 208.5........
Well, not to get so overly excited, I go home and weighed in on the pink scales - 210.5. Okay, I know, a little more realistic. Now they tell me in stern but encouraging tones... 210.5. Pouting, I accept this as the more realistic weight, as I have really been weighing myself on them for the last few days. Still, the 208.5 is rather tempting to keep as the pounds of the day.

So, I ate an apple and melba at 11:00 (notice it is getting later in the morning?) I might also add here a self admission: I don't really like food. I it is annoying to have to stop what I am doing and make meals. Geesh, If I could take a pill to replace the meal it would save SO much time.

For lunch I went out on a limb and BBQ'd a patty (so small) with steamed asparagus. Yep. That's it since I already ate my fruit and melba.

Dinner: poached fish (really, I do have a better imagination than this normally) romaine salad, Apple, melba. Yeah, still hungry. Went to bed irritated at my grumbling tummy......

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