Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 6

Oct 8th

weight: 207 on Chad's scales & 209 on Hannah's

Had my drops at 7:30 and then made coffee. While I don't typically drink coffee on a daily basis, I find that now I need to as it is at least a little something in my tummy.

Found the need to eat my apple at 10:30, just can't seem to go until lunch.

I have set alarms in my phone to go off when I need to take my drops and then I will eat (the lunch & dinner) my meals 30 minutes later. Well, that's the plan anyway.

12:30 - drops and for lunch? hamburger on my bbq grill with cucumber and a little salt.

Ugh, so tired this day. took a nap from 4:00 - 6:30. Must be detoxing as I find I am just lethargic.

Had another patty for dinner. Since I had the hamburger meat figured might as well eat it all, right? Sliced tomatoes and has my melba snack. After dinner I ate my apple..... oops, forgot my drops. Took them at 9:30 and then went to bed.

So goes another day....

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